Eliminating stress with
extraordinary technology

Eliminating stress with
extraordinary technology

What we do

At Resilio we believe that extraordinary, intuitive and research based technology can help millions of people prevent and prevail over stress.

We develop digital training programmes that effectively improves the user’s stress resilience. The product is offered to users through enterprises and partners in the health insurance sector.  

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The future of stress prevention

Transform your smartphone into a biomedical sensor and a motivating self-regulation training device.

Engage with a motivating and intuitive 6 week training program

Learn to battle stress as you progress

Train self-regulation skills with game-like breathing techniques


Anders Søndergaard

CEO & Co-founder

Thomas Scherning

CTO & Co-founder

Helga Halkjær

Intervention Specialist & Co-founder

Mathias Pinto Bonnesen

Biomedical Engineer

Tommy Frost

Graphic Designer

Valer Dragos

Software Developer

Anne Dorte Bredal

User Experience Researcher

Gitte Pedersen

User Experience Researcher

Partners, advisors & investors

Funday Factory

Interaction and Game Design Partner, Co-investor

Hello Monday

Digital Design and Brand Design Partner

Andreas Lieberoth

Research Partner, Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University

Carsten Obel

Research Partner, Centre for Collaborative Health, Aarhus University

Richard Gevirtz

Research Advisor, Alliant University, San Diego, CA.

Mr. Gervitz has no legal or economical connection to Resilio

Thomas Winther Poulsen

Advisor, Deputy Director, Innovation Centre Denmark, Silicon Valley

Thomas Kragelund

Advisor, Founder & CEO at Pixelz

Brian Sandholdt

Advisor, Co-founder & CXO at Sekoia

SYBO Games




Innovation Fund Denmark

Public Investor

MedTech Innovation

Public Investor

The Market Development Fund

Public Investor

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