Inhale. Exhale.

Build resilience through conscious breathing

Did you know that your way of breathing has a huge impact on your resilience and well-being?

Now you can turn your smartphone into a biomedical sensor that measures your pulse and lets you know how to breathe to build resilience. Pretty cool, huh?

Build your resilience with daily 10-min training sessions based on your unique physiology.

Train your ability to handle pressure through science-based breathing techniques.

Get fascinating insights about your body’s reactions under pressure.

Stay Cool, Calm & Collected

Research shows that just a few weeks of training can have a positive and measurable effect on your body.

So get in there! Try it out! There is a whole universe waiting to be unlocked! A universe that can change your life for the better. One breath at a time.

“I’m really enjoying Resilio, from the soothing voice, the easy understandable explanations to the graphics. Gimme more!”  Stina

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